Top 10 resume writing services in India(2024)

Top 10 resume writing services in India

A resume writing service is growing in demand as candidates, regardless of experience level and industry choice, want professional resumes. A resume is a professional document that displays an individual’s professional qualifications and achievements to showcase work experience, skills, and academic qualifications. For a person looking to land a job, it’s mandatory to craft a resume that highlights all the positive aspects of an individual working as a summary of a person and their skills.

Crafting a professional resume requires proper understanding of keywords. Former recruiters / HRs working with the team of writing experts craft a resume perfectly well to help candidates get noticed faster using their years of expertise. 

Insights about resumes with the Guide to Resume Writing

Resumes should include basic elements, including contact information, introduction, education, work experience, and skills. A resume should be designed in a manner that serves as an essential document that summarises information, making it easier for prospective employers to hire candidates. The information in the form of a resume convinces a team of recruiters whether a candidate is hireable or not. The resume should be appealing to get the notice of the hiring team. In this regard, only making a resume attractive is what every candidate, regardless of the experience, should strive for.

The purpose that a resume serves

Resumes work in the form of a formal document highlighting qualities and skills. To showcase qualities to prospective employers. In addition, the document serves as a medium to summarise professional background. A good resume is the key to getting you hired. Only a resume will serve as a document to encourage employers to hire you or not. Designing the Resume appropriately is a must as it provides a concise and brief professional overview in addition to highlighting the work ethic. 

An employer will only consider interviewing you for the job when they give a quick study of your resume. Resumes are vital in the manner that they convince prospective employers, stating that you are the right person for the job. Getting the listed details like work ethics, work experience, and skills convert into profitable use.

Importance of designing an attractive resume

A resume will be working in the form of a bridge between the candidate applying for the job and a potential employer. An employer mandatorily takes a look at the resume before they even consider the candidate as a potential employee for their company. Only when you have the perfect resume can you get the chance to be interviewed for a job? A recruiter glances at a resume, and only when the resume meets their standards do they consider whether the person is suitable for the interview or not. Only with a proper resume can you get a possible employer’s first impression of you. So it’s essential to create a resume in the manner that it describes you, giving them a brief view of you.

List of resume writing services to check out 

1. GetSetResumes

GetSetResumes has a team of experts that write analytically optimized, ATS-compliant, research-driven, and HR-approved Resumes, in addition to CVs, Executive Bios, Online Profiles, LinkedIn Profiles, Portfolios, and Application Letters. The team supports the candidates till they secure their dream jobs. The professional resume writing service team goes to lengths to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Six-month free support is also available to help with the resume correction. The team from GetSetResumes writes resumes for all major English-speaking countries, using international-level formats and unlimited consultation calls. Regardless of the kind of resume you want, you can rest assured of the expertly crafted resumes tailor-made with a guarantee to help you stand out from the crowd.


FastResumes employs a team of writing experts that best serves the objective of helping job seekers create quality job search documents. The experts are top-notch in terms of their ability to craft resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, visual resumes, and application letters. The professionals can craft compelling ATS-optimized resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and in the process, they make use of the most modern international formats. So you can rest assured of the 100% ATS Readable Formats, Industry Specific Writers, as well as International Templates.

3. Find My Profession

Find My Profession serves as a global career services company that employs a team of elite resume writers with experience in over 85 industries and professions. So, with a professional team, you can hire a writer who understands background and experience. As a candidate, you can order a custom resume through a one-on-one phone consultation. Their commitment to delivering high-quality service is noteworthy, and they even offer a 60-day interview guarantee. The team crafts the resume in a manner that makes every resume ATS compatible and highly customized.

4. Avon Resumes

Avon Resumes has become a trusted brand and has earned a good reputation over the years for crafting resumes and CVs. Avon Resumes employs a team of qualified resume writers with experience in the most common job sectors. A well-maintained and easy-to-navigate website that Avon Resumes has makes it easy for people to get in contact. Also, the candidate can choose from a variety of packages offering resumes and CVs while also assisting with the interview prep. Workmanship and good quality of work have made them a highly prominent name in the resume-writing industry. With years of experience, the team has established a strong credential of serving and satisfying clients.

5. Monster has established itself as a huge name specializing in job searches and assisting candidates with quality resume-writing services. The website is highly navigable, assisting the candidate with the job search. Besides offering advanced support with job search, assists a lot with crafting professional resumes and CVs as well. With Monster, you can stay assured of the increased chances of getting shortlisted for a job. The team will help you craft a perfect resume while assisting you in grabbing the attention of recruiters.

6. Make My Resume

Make My Resume has also earned a good reputation with years of experience in HR, Recruitment, and Resume Writing. Over the years, they have crafted the best resumes for candidates from over 30+ countries. In India, Make My Resume offers services in locations including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune. Professional resumes that they create undergo vigorous quality checks. In addition to offering other services, the professionals offer services, including writing professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, visual resumes, international resumes, and CXO resumes.

7. CV Designer

CV Designer has established itself as a reputed resume-writing service team with years of experience. The writing service employs smart teams with a good understanding of what the recruiters are looking for. The remarkable aspect of the company is that each member possesses tremendous knowledge and understanding of the industry requirements. With this knowledge and experience, the professionals craft professional and attractive resumes. You can get the assistance of a team of experienced writers and CV designers who satisfy the candidates. In addition, the professional approach is impeccable as it offers support for 12 months after the resume/CV is complete. Besides offering services like resumes and CV writing, the team also assists with crafting the Cover letter and LinkedIn Profile. It is great to get their assistance because they craft the document to create a good impression on recruiters.

8. Resume Master

 Resume Master’s website displays how the company has excelled over the years in providing resume writing services to clients online. The business employs a team of dedicated Consultants, web designers and developers, graphic designers, Content drafters, who cater to their clients’ needs. Through the plans they offer, the professionals meet all requirements. In addition they provide samples of their work on their website alongside further assistance like free resume analysis.

9. Find My Profession

Find My Profession has established itself as a global company assisting professionals and job-seekers online services that focus on the objective of creating resumes in India for different industries. Team of writers offering the services to the clients have experience in numerous industries and professions. The experts provide professional resume crafting by taking into consideration the client’s unique background and experience.

10. Excel CV

Excel CV serves as a resume-writing service based in Mumbai, offering online services to clients all across the country. With the company, you will get the guarantee of drafting a resume and CV while keeping pace with client expectations. The professionals don’t depend on using templates, and they rather choose to dedicate their efforts to writing each resume right from scratch and based on personal preferences. The remarkable aspect is also that the website is easy to go through, and the team of experts is available for contact whenever required.

Closing words 

Choosing a resume writing service often turns out to be quite a tedious task. However, note that when it comes to getting an appropriate resume crafted for a job, it’s worth considering investing in one so that you can stay a step closer to your dream job. When you choose to invest in the writing resume writing service for your resume, it will offer you the guarantee to get you that interview. Writers from these teams have specialized in resume writing, which ensures that you don’t have to go through many hassles while getting closer to the interview stage. Also, you can reap the benefits of career consulting services, keeping you covered at all stages throughout the process.

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